Thermal Imaging Inspection

Home inspections are visual inspections of the systems in a home. However there is only so much the the human eye is able to observe.   Thermal imaging goes above the minimum standard and enables an inspector to provide a higher level of service to their clients.  Our thermal imaging inspections are used in conjunction with a regular home inspection. 

Home inspectors are trained how a building is constructed.  This is known as building envelope science.  Broken down this is the understanding of how the different "layers" of a building work harmoniously to form a solid structure.  Infrared technology is an additional tool at the disposal of an experienced inspector.  

Thermal imaging is able to provide a client with information pertaining to possible leaks within a foundation, wall, attic, or any hard to see space that a visual inspection would not see.  Thermal imaging camera can see in the infrared spectrum and detect different heat signatures.  Water and moisture absorb heat energy which causes them to show up as cool signatures on a thermal camera and helping to identify potential water leaks.  

An average home inspection, albeit thorough, does not include thermal imaging.  A thermal imaging inspection in conjunction with a home inspection can identify potential problems that a regular home inspection alone would not see.  

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