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Up to 72 trillion allergens can find their way into your home every day and the average home generates 40 pounds of dust per year. Germs and Allergens infiltrate our homes every day. At Calvin’s Climate, we have solutions for making your home comfortable for all and that includes more than just temperature. One of our favorite products to install is the REME Halo.


Reme Halo Air Purifier

This whole home air purifier is installed right into your home’s ducts and safely protects your entire home from germs, bacteria, mold spores and gases in the air and on surfaces. In testing, the REME Halo has been found to reduce dust, dander, smoke and allergens. Let us install one in your home with a one year, money back satisfaction guarantee.

Financing Plans

With all of life’s uncertainties, Calvin has set up some great financing options.


Credit is available through Greensky financing.  Their 12 month 0% interest (monthly payments required) plan makes it convenient to pay for your new system over time. When you apply at the button below,  you’ll receive an instant, confidential response. When approved, an account number will allow you to purchase your new system.



Another option for those who prefer to space out their purchase over a longer period of time, is Greensky’s Revolving Credit at 9.9% Interest.  Click the button below to apply for revolving credit . Receive an instant, confidential response. If approved, you’ll receive an account number that will allow you to purchase your new HVAC equipment when it’s convenient for you.


What if Something Goes Wrong with my New System?

When we buy cars, we always worry, what happens later? If I have an engine light come on, what is covered?

At Calvin’s Climate, we understand that purchasing a cooling and heating system for your home is a similar process.  In the Flower Mound, Highland Village and Lewisville areas, our homes are a source of pride and comfort.  The last thing we want to worry about after upgrading the comfort equipment in our homes, is a breakdown.

Let us help you relax.

We prefer to install American Standard equipment,  due to its reliability. In addition, we offer unsurpassed care for all of our new system installations.  For two years, we include our Family Circle Maintenance Program.

We come and clean and service your units twice per year, once in the spring and again in the fall, complimentary.  If you ever have a problem with your system, you are our priority.

We’ll do the right thing.

From doing only the best quality installations with city permits and insurance coverages and lots of extras that others don’t include, to offering unsurpassed warranties; doing the right thing for our customers has served us well since we started in 2000.  It’s something we don’t plan to change.

How HVAC Works

Replacing Your HVAC System

If you’re replacing your HVAC system, when you select Calvin’s Climate, it’s more than just a change of equipment. It’s a design that takes into account your preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as properly sizing the unit for your space.

Have hot and cold rooms?  No problem.  We’ll make sure your unit is properly sized by performing a heat-load calculation on your home.  Our expertise will ensure your unit is installed to perform at optimum factory specifications, and not simply replacing your current design.

Looking for an ultra-quiet unit? No problem.  Not only will your outside unit be quiet, but we’ll make sure the ductwork is properly designed for maximum airflow in your home, resulting in quieter operation.

Want to adjust the temperature without getting out of bed at night?  Simply use your phone app with our professionally installed Wi-Fi thermostats and adjust the temperature from anywhere with an internet connection.


Let us discuss your needs and design the right system at the right price for you. You’ll be increasing energy-efficiency, lowering utility bills and upping your comfort level. We perform a heat load calculation and submit permits to the local jurisdictions ensuring your system is installed with the utmost quality. Couple that with our unparalleled service warranties and you’ll be glad we went the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


After more than 17 years of serving Flower Mound, Highland Village and Lewisville, we have come to see our customers as an extended family. We care for our customers health by caring for their HVAC. When we see your HVAC systems twice per year, we can head off any potential problems and save you time and headache in the hot summer months.  Take advantage of our best pricing and scheduling when you enroll in our Calvin’s Climate Family Circle Maintenance Plan.  You’ll save time and money, knowing the maintenance of your systems is in our hands. Download our Maintenance Agreement.

Spring is in the Air!

Bluebonnets, pollen and air conditioning!

Yes, it’s time to see your friendly Service Technician at Calvin’s Climate for your annual maintenance.  The weather’s been a bit tricky going from cool to warm and back again, but if we have about 65 degrees we can give you a thorough, accurate clean and service.  

Service for one unit is $98 and $59 for each additional unit.  If you’d like to take advantage of maintenance discounts, just mention it at time of scheduling.

Also, let us make scheduling a snap by scheduling right in our app!

See you soon!


Wells Fargo Special Financing

Saving money and adding to your home’s comfort level on YOUR terms always makes sense.  At Calvin’s Climate, we understand that having options makes staying comfortable simpler.

Keep things simple. Have an instant credit decision by clicking the link below.

Click the Wells Fargo Banner below to get started.

Purchasing a new HVAC system for your home is an investment.  When you’ve made the decision that it’s time to upgrade your ac, make sure you’re getting the best technology for the price.

Calvin’s Climate offers products with the best reliability and competitive prices too. 

SEER ratings and features have improved greatly. We offer units with the highest level of technology to keep your home comfortable and are convenient to use. 

Remote Controlled Thermostat at Calvin's Climate, Flower Mound TX

Take advantage of the great financing specials and rebates that  are in place. With American Standard, you can get up to $1000 instant cash rebates.  Financing is also available with offers of 0% APR wac for up to 60 months.  Apply here or contact us for more information.

Heating and Cooling Flower Mound, TX

It’s time to clean your thermostat screen

While you’re busy sanitizing everything in your house, take a minute to clean your thermostat as well.

If you have a model 824, 850 or 1050 thermostat, it comes with a “Clean Screen” feature, which gives you 30 seconds to wipe it down while the touchscreen is deactivated. That way, you don’t have to worry about pushing any buttons or changing any settings.

“Clean Screen Mode” can be found by going to Menu > Settings > Screen > Clean Screen.

Air Conditioning Technology

No matter what thermostat you have, we recommend using a non-abrasive cloth and a mild, ammonia-free cleaning solution.

Enable remote access to your thermostat
Sign up for Dealer Diagnostics and Remote Access to avoid any unnecessary, in-person service appointments.These features allow you to approve limited access to your connected control. When your dealer needs access, you will receive a remote access request for a set amount of time. Once approved, your HVAC dealer or technician can view, edit and adjust your settings if necessary.Set it up in your mobile app by visiting “App Settings > Home Settings,” or contact Nexia Customer Support at 877-288-7707.

At Calvin’s Climate, we are committed to providing safe, thorough service.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Your TRUST is our main concern.

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