Foundation Elevation Surveys

A foundation elevation survey is a measurement of your foundation to determine how flat it is.  Foundations are designed to move and support the structure above.  In Texas, with the expansive clay soils it is important to determine if your foundation is within structural parameters or whether there is an issue and it needs to be further evaluated by a structural engineer.  A foundation survey takes measurements and used in conjunction with visual structural inspection can help the inspector render an opinion of the current condition of homes foundation. 

As an example.  Brick veneer may be fractured, but this fracturing could be due to seasonal temperature changes also known as thermal cracking.  Some might see this as a foundation issue.  An elevation survey can  confirm or deny this interpretation of what is seen on the brick veneer.  If the foundation survey is relatively level, it gives the buyer more confidence that the home they are purchasing does not have foundation issues, which means they will not need more money later on for costly repair of a foundation.  Unfortunately, in Texas foundation repair companies are not regulated and therefore not licensed by the State of Texas.  

A home inspector that provides this service is going above and beyond the minimum requirements from TREC, enabling the buyer to be confident in the information provided.  

Your TRUST is our main concern.

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