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Calvin's Climate is here to help!

These are our most frequently asked questions.  

How do I book a service?

Call us at 972-691-4000 for quick service.

Who will be coming to my home?

At Calvin’s Climate, your privacy and security are our first consideration. Our uniformed, friendly technicians are trained to fix your problem promptly…the first time. We will enter your home with shoe covers on, and work neatly while we’re there. We’ll spread out a drop cloth upon which we work, and we’ll clean up our own mess with our own vacuum. When we’re done, the evidence we’ll leave behind is your comfortable home.

Can I see the repair?

We understand.  Feel free to climb into the attic with us, and let us explain the problem and how we're fixing it.    

Are you insured and licensed?

We carry a Texas State License and our employees are registered with the State of Texas as HVAC technicians. We carry more than the state requirements of liability insurance and commercial vehicle insurance. We also have working relationships with our local municipalities and pull all required permits and required inspections. In addition, all our employees are background-checked and drug-tested.  When we’re on the job, you can truly RELAX, knowing you chose Calvin’s Climate.

Things you can check before you call.

1. Have you changed your filter recently? If your filter is dirty, it can cause a variety of problems.
2. Check to make sure the furnace door is properly closed. If the door isn’t closed, the system will not run in heat mode.
3.  Check your thermostat. Are the batteries fresh? Dead or nearly dead batteries can prevent a system from operating in the desired mode.
     4.  Breaker tripped? If your system is tripping the breaker more than once, please call us. This could be a sign of a problem.
Call us at 972-691-4000

Signs that indicate a service call may be necessary.

• Your system is struggling to keep up and seems to be turning itself on and off frequently.
• You notice ice on your outside unit or refrigerant lines.
• Your indoor summer humidity levels seem unusually high.
• You hear your indoor-unit fan coming on, but the air from the registers isn’t cool or the fan is turning on and off more frequently than usual.
Your TRUST is our main concern.

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